TikTok Ranks Sleepy WA Town As One Of The Best Places For Spring Break

You may not like it, but this is what the ideal beach party waterfront looks like. (Shutterstock / Edmund Lowe Photography)JEFFERSON COUNTY, WA — A new study of TikTok trends has found a surprising discovery: the sleepy town of Port Townsend, Washington may soon become a spring beach hot spot. That may be a little surprising, considering that Jefferson County’s median age as of 2020 was 59.5 years old— a little past peak spring break party age. Still, MyBaggage.com says its study bears it out: analysts combed over Tiktok data, analyzing popularity, weather, cost of activity, Tripadvisor review score and TikTok views to determine the best spring break locations, and ended up ranking Port Townsend as the 10th best place to visit in the whole nation, even if some would describe Port Townsend’s general populace as “extremely retired”.